Tuesday, 1 March 2011

1 step forward...then stay put

Thought I'd be flushed with the success of not missing a competition deadline but I have completely wasted the last 2 days - haven't even been to the gym. As last week was half term, I thought it was perfectly respectable to take yesterday as day to recover, enjoy the peace and get jobs done. Fair enough. But what is my excuse today?

Do feel a little a little under the weather. Also have been engrossed in Never Let Me Go. I am SO easily distracted. Still, tomorrow is another day - spin first, write later.


  1. I think that's amazing that you written to deadline, and it's a decent length, well done.

    Just doing my first assignment on my course, two pieces, 300 words each, not in your league yet! Rx

  2. Hey Rob you are up late blogging! Loved your 2nd post - what course are you doing? Good luck with your first pieces x