Monday, 28 March 2011

House of Ill

A manic last week culminating in 3 drunken nights in a row. The final of which involved me cooking for ten people for the first time. With a hangover. A two day rollover one.
I drank, I smoke, I sang - it wasn't pretty. Today it has all caught up with me and I have worn my dressing gown over my clothes all day today. Ok, you got me, I often wear my dressing gown over my clothes but this time it has tissues in the pocket into which I am intermittently and theatrically spluttering.

To make the day just a little more special, I have a 7 and 8 year old following me around sighing in their dressing gowns. It is obvious that I overdid it last week and this is why I feel rough but I don't know what their excuse is?  I'm pretty sure they weren't doing Just Dance on the Wii at 1am on Saturday. Lightweights.

So another week has started with a slight skew to my plans for a week dedicated to my non-fiction book plans for my course. In between mopping brows (theirs) and drying tears (mine) I have managed to start the plan for my book.  Who knows, if we're all sofa-bound again tomorrow maybe I'll even start on the synopsis?

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