Friday, 11 March 2011


Finally finished the ghost story - I actually abandoned the first one half way through as something about it wasn't quite right (found it really hard to write anything remotely scary without it being very obvious) and so I started something completely at about 8.30 last night!  Abandoned it mid-way for a skype with a friend (I know!!??!) and then finally finished just after 10pm! Revisions made this morning after proof reading by J last night - just what he fancied doing after coming in from a works night out.

I am sure I should be putting a lot more hours into this so am going to try the novel approach of starting a competition entry sooner than the day before it needs to be posted next time. Stupid expensive printer is out of stupid expensive ink so have to go on a smash and grab to Kingston before I can print and post and start feeling smug.

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