Friday, 10 February 2012

Goodbye, farewell, auf....(etc etc, you get the picture)

It has been an embarrassing long time since I have blogged here so you may have thought I had already left but I was actually weighing up my blogging options. I started this blog at the beginning of 2011 to track my year and how successful my resolutions were going to be. As I approached my 40th birthday and what felt like, the 40th year of making the same bloody resolutions each time, I decided that if I didn't hit them in 2011, then I would give up completely and find some new goals.

The resolutions were basically to get fit/lose weight and to have a proper crack at writing. I had varying success. I went to the gym consistently all last year and am still going! I know, I'm shocked too! I have lost just under a stone and am definitely fitter than I was (although it's all relative of course)

I haven't put as much effort into writing as I would have liked, BUT I did win my first competition (and my first proper prize money!!) and I also managed to complete Nanowrimo on my first attempt so I'm going to go ahead and call the writing a success too.

So this blog has served it's purpose and I am moving on to newer plains. Namely wordpress. If you would like to continue hearing about my procrastination with lots of pictures of the food I eat thrown in, then please come and find me at Toxic Vegan I hope to see you there.