Thursday, 10 March 2011

100 words in....

....only another 1,400 - 1,600 to go. Obviously the perfect time to stop for a blog update! Why do I find the need to stop as soon as I get going? At my current word ratio I may just have this story finished for next years competition!  I was slightly disheartened to read that this is 'certainly the most popular short story competition' but still, I need the practise so must crack on.  I will need to send this off tomorrow to meet Mondays deadline and I remember the editing of last months effort took me many hours longer than I'd anticipated so I'd better hurry up with the first draft.  I just have to make another cup of tea and I'll be straight on it.

PS In good news this week I have exercised every day (mon - gym, tues - spin, weds - gym, thurs - pump dvd (still want to kill Davina) and fri - who knows - maybe another spin?) so at least am sticking to one of my new years resolutions well. And it's already March so that might be an all time personal record.

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