Monday, 21 March 2011

Par for the course

On a bit of a writing drought at the moment - I obviously need a deadline to force me into action.  Am spending a lot of time 'thinking' about my next assignment - I have to completely plan out a non-fiction book - that's it. Easy, hey? I have decided not to take the safe but boring route that I was offered and try and think of something that interests me. This is proving harder than I thought. Lots of things interest me, but would they make a good book?

Confessions of a lazy, greedy, vegan wino?
1001 excuses for not writing/cleaning/exercising?
(Soy)chicken Soup for the middle aged facebook addict?

It's my last non-fiction assignment though, so I will have to bite the bullet and get stuck in soon so I can't start the fun part of this course. Am hoping to do this fiction half in slightly less time than the first half took me (6 years - don't judge me).


  1. (Soy)chicken Soup for the middle aged facebook addict....

    lol:P! That's hilarious!

  2. Thanks Sunny :-)
    I wonder if it's already been taken?!