Friday, 25 February 2011

Did it!

Oh my word - talk about leaving it till the last minute - sketched out a plan for the story yesterday morning but only finally started the actual writing at about 8.30pm!  Finished the first draft last night & then have spent today trying to edit it into something half readable!  The closing date is Monday so I am just about to hot foot it to the Post Office to send it!

I am quite excited as at 2379 words, it's easily the longest thing I've ever written - I have paid the extra for a critique so will let my readers (all 2 of you!) know how I get on when I get that back.  The winners are announced at the end of March so I suspect the critique will be back around then too - am not at all hopeful about any prize, but am quite pleased to have actually written to a deadline. Finally.

Well, better not speak to soon - have to rely on Royal Mail now so best dash right out now the printer has stopped it's spewing.

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