Friday, 18 February 2011


I received assignment 9 back with some positive comments from my tutor which I was really pleased about after the little telling off I received last time about putting effort in!  I must actually send some of the work out this time - I must be their laziest student yet.

So now I am finally at assignment 10, the last of the non-fiction assignments which is great news for me as I'm really much more interested in getting to the fiction section - which perhaps goes someway to explaining why it has taken me so many years getting through these assignments. So assignment 10 is my dilemma, it's very simple - I basically have to write a non-fiction book. Well, not the entire book but a summary, chapter synopsis, one full chapter, etc etc, practically a book really.

It just so happens that someone asked me last year if I wanted to write a non-fiction book with them, but it's on a subject I'm not that interested in.  So here's the rub - do I go ahead with this idea or find something that I would actually choose to write about if I could?  Do I go with my friends idea (pluses - she would help, it appears to be an actual gap in the market, the idea is ready to go now but minuses - I wouldn't really want to write this book, I find the subject a bit dull) or do I find something I'm passionate about and try and find a non-fiction book in it?

Ho hum, I guess it depends how quickly I want to move on the fiction part of the course? I'm sure most advise would be to find something I am passionate about but in this instance I'm thinking about just getting the job done!

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