Thursday, 10 February 2011

One day at a time....

It has been a strange week this week, I lost a day on Monday to travel, and on Tuesday my Mum came up which was lovely and we talked a lot of writing but I didn't actually do any!  My cousin is coming to stay tomorrow so I haven't had much time but have decided to not beat myself up about it but maximise the time I do have.  I am going to arrive a couple of hours early into Kingston (where I'm meeting my cousin) and take my notebook and try the coffee shop shuffle out.  I have picked 2 of my teeny 30 minute stories to try and work on for the Write Invite hard copy competition and they're offering 3 stories for the price of 2 so I'm going to write a new story from scratch as well.

Gym induction went very well yesterday and I nearly killed myself trying to do the full work out today so that must be a good sign.  Am feeling very inspired although am out drinking tonight so will be taking a day off the exercise tomorrow.  Am hoping the hangover will enhance my writing rather hinder!  The coffee should help at least!

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