Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Well I managed the gym....

....but not a lot of pen to paper action today.  This blog is starting to feel like a series of 'the dog ate my homework' letters.  Must do better tomorrow.

The gym is going well and I am aching in places I'd forgotten about which must be good, surely?  I have cleared my emails, my inbox, my finance bits, my outbox, my facebook inbox, that pile of paper on the side in the kitchen.....I really don't think there is anything left to clear.

Tomorrow looms and it is completely clear and fabulously free like a lovely clean piece of a4 paper.  Nothing will keep me from a full day of writing..........apart from spinning of course!


  1. Hiya, well I hope you made some marks on that clean piece of A4 paper :)

    I have to ask, when you say notebook, are you referring to a laptop or an actual paper notebook? I'm in the market for a laptop/notebook, for writing on the move, what ya got, and what do you recommend?

    My first post will happen this weekend, promise...... :) x

  2. Hey Rob, just old fashioned paper notebook I'm afraid. We got a macbook last year which is fab and quite small but not as convenient as a notebook. Let me know what you get.

    And I'm waiting for this w/ends post now - what's the name?