Saturday, 2 April 2011

Welcome new followers - oh the excitement!

Hello to Jill, John (my husband - nice of you to come along honey!) and Simon - I think I am following all of your blogs back now, but please feel free to leave me a rude comment if I'm not.

I recently posted an ad through write invite - I won a competition before christmas and got a free one - I'm not a cheap skate, but not sure I'd have thought this blog worth spending advertising money on just yet!
So I was wondering if you new followers found me through that ad? Or some other crafty means?

I really haven't got the hang of blogger yet. Or twitter. They make me feel totally inept. And quite old. I must stop wasting time arsing around on facebook and research these other two more. Facebook feels to me like it's about to become the next myspace and I'm toying with ditching it for a full time move to twitter. The only problem is I don't have much of a network on twitter yet - it would feel a lot like talking to myself. A bit like this blog then!


  1. I found you because of the Write Invite ad! Hope you manage to stick at it - I certainly dont think you are a cheapskate as I dont think I would pay to advertise my blog either! Will look forward to checking up on your progress - it might inspire me too :)
    As for twitter - am on there too but am still trying to find my feet!

  2. Hi Ttofee - thanks for the follow and for letting me know about the ad. I am popping over to check your blog out now :-)