Saturday, 16 April 2011

Nothing to see here, move along....

Bit of a disaster week. Kids off on hols and my "I'm still going to write 2 hours a day, hell we can all write for 2 hours a day" plans has not worked completely. Or, in fact, at all. Hmmm.

I did manage to enter write invite last week - thought I owed them after the hard copy comp!! But I wasn't shortlisted. I have ALMOST managed to read an entire issue of writing magazine - no mean feat! - and have got quite a few comp ideas from there.  Haven't acted on any of them yet though.

Kids off again next week - will see if I manage to get any writing time at all. In related news, I haven't seen the gym in QUITE a while. And my Davina dvd is just collecting dust. Must do better. In fact, if I manage just 1 session of either exercise of any kind of writing I will be doing better. Shouldn't be too hard a goal to tackle?

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