Monday, 4 April 2011

New Week, new schedule

I love a new week or a new term. Especially a new year. Clean page in the diary = chance to start again. This week/term/year it will be different, I will steam forcefully through my to do list, I will write every day and the children will be clean and nice to each other.

I'm feeling optimistic.

New regime, that I'm piloting this week is to write 1 - 3 every week day. This gives me the morning to get gym, jobs and even coffees out of the way before I head home to get stuck in for 2 hours. Today I have been to the gym, gone to the Eco assembly at school and been to the tip. I'm about to eat a leisurely lunch (32 minutes) before I drop everything else to concentrate on the old writing.  I am going to ignore the fact that I haven't made dinner yet and there is a god forsaken easter event on at school later. 1 - 3 is not to be messed with.  I think I sound convincing this time - there might just be hope.

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