Tuesday, 5 April 2011

It's working!

Well, I know it's only day 2 so I probably shouldn't get carried away, but what the heck - it's working!!! Hooray! I am really loving the 2 hour writing slot - it's nice and easy because it's the same time every day and it's amazing what I've got done in these 2 days.

My assignment is almost finished! I have written a synopsis of a non-fiction book that I think I could write. I have written the chapter headings and a brief (under 100 word) description of each chapter. I've also part written the covering letter. All I have left to do now, is write one chapter out in full and then pick 3 publishers that I think I could submit too. I have been mulling this over for weeks so it's nice to finally get on with it, although obviously the mulling helped a lot as I pretty much knew the idea I was going to run with before I started yesterday.

I have decided to stick with 1pm - 3pm mon - fri and there is an unavoidable clash in the afternoon, then I will make the time up in the evening. Or maybe even get up early like some of you already do.  I just hope I can keep disciplined. It's never been my strong point!

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