Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Half Way Point

Well there's no denying that I'm halfway through my self-imposed year of fitness and writing. I have tried denying it over the last two weeks but time refused to change direction for me. I thought it would be a good time to mull over the first 6 months and see what worked and what didn't. I am still such a pa.


  1. I am still going to the gym - this is probably my longest stretch ever and even on my worst weeks I think I have managed 2 sessions (apart from that week I took off to detox but hey, that was one week, who's counting?)
  2. I have finished the non-fiction section of my course and am all set to launch into the fiction part which I have been predicting I will enjoy so much more and therefore spend much more time on.
  3. I entered a non-online competition. And then another one. 
  4. I won my first non-online competition.
  5. I use twitter daily. Hey that's writing too - it's a strict discipline sticking to 140 characters you know.
Failures (yes I could call them areas for improvement but let's all be honest here):

  1. I rarely manage my goal of 4 exercise sessions a week.
  2. I am almost a stone heavier than this time last year despite numerous attempts to shift weight (detox, holford, detox, harcombe, detox, liver clense, detox, DETOX) 
  3. I finished the non-fiction side of my course some weeks ago and still haven't attempted the first fiction assignment
  4. I have hardly entered www.write-invite.com all year - saturdays are just so busy normally
  5. I have only entered 3 competitions so far. My goal was 10. Alright it was 12, jeez you're fussy.
  6. I have yet to stick to a workable schedule that allows me to work out, write & keep on top of house/school stuff etc 
With all this in mind, I sketched out a new schedule yesterday whilst waiting for a friend at the gym. I have divided each week day into 2 hour time slots (9-11, 11-1, 1-3) and will use one for exercise, 1 for writing and 1 for other jobs.  

Who knows - perhaps this will be the winning strategy for me. I know I need to get stricter about my writing time in particular, and look, I'm updating my blog for the first time in weeks so that's got to be a good thing? Right?!  

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