Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Quiet Weekend

We are faced with the luxury of a whole w/end with no fixed plans. How shall we spend these precious hours? Last minute city break? Educational museum visit? Impromptu party for friends?
No. Of course not. We have a mini clear of the garage. Not a proper one, just a mini one. We, you see, know how to live.

It went as well as could be expected, we have managed to forge another path through the detritus of our lives. Between the bikes and the water-pressure cleaner (that you know, we probably WILL actually use. Probably soon.) and the car boot sale pile (not sure how it is that no matter how many I do, the pile never actually gets smaller) we can now have a clear run through to the freezer. We don't need an extra freezer. Being a veggie household means there is little call for massive freezing space. We don't have any dead carcasses to hold, but we inherited it with the house and so we keep it. Full of ice and ice packs and 1 packet of samosas from a kids party some time ago. It's main role is as a shelf for our booze. I like to have a backstock of prosecco to call on in times of need (you know; parties, barbecues, fridays). We lodge them on the freezer along with the real ale (brother-in-law), sparkling water (kids) and alcopops (sister).

I'm not sure who had the bright idea of storing bottles (breakable, glass bottles) of alcohol on top of the highest surface in the garage but it was not their finest hour. Almost inevitably one of the bacardi breezers breezed on down to the floor and smashed everywhere. This helped marital relations considerably. Stretching the final threads of goodwill that the 'squashing all the tent equipment back into it's case' hadn't already snapped. Still, we have a nice clean garage now. With the slightest hint of teenager. Yes, thats right, our garage smells like teen spirit.


  1. Sounds like a weekend well spent - as for the smell of teen, well I wish I could persuade my teenagers to clear up even a tiny bit of their rooms and maybe open the curtains, or even a window!

  2. Oh dear, I was hoping that as they got older, rooms got tidier and sweeter smelling. Along with them getting more even tempered and helpful!! Please don't burst my bubble Sally!