Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Another week, another plan

Writing my to-do list today (yes, an everyday occurrence without which I would possibly slump on the sofa all day watching Ellen. Ok even with which, I sometime slump on the sofa all day watching Ellen. But then I tick it off my list which makes it better somehow) I notice that for something like the 12th week running I have the entry 'plan schedule - writing/gym/house etc'

I have tried many systems this year:

a) Writing solidly for 3 days (didn't really happen)
b) Doing all jobs/gym etc in the morning and then writing from 1pm-3pm - good in theory but often interrupted
c) Committing to x amount of hours writing a week and then trying to fit it in as and when - this was perhaps the most spectacularly unsuccessful method to date

So, here I am, almost halfway through the year and still without a weekly rota that works for me. I am wondering if any of you have any top tips? I basically need to fit in cleaning the house (about 4 hours), 3 or 4 gym sessions and the writing (which I can split into course, comps and blog). I have all day free between 9 and 3 so really have no excuses. I should be on top of everything - any tips or systems that have worked for you would be greatly appreciated.  Just for info, I waste a great deal of time on my emails, facebook and twitter accounts - I suspect that my schedule should include built in time for these. And perhaps I may need to surrender my iphone??


  1. I suggest that you don't allow yourself to Twitter, Facebook or Email until you have completed your daily writing & housework sessions.
    (I know the temptation is great but if you really want to write discipline is the key!)

  2. You're right, Sally , I know you're right. Very hard when it's on my phone - discipline is definitely what i need!