Friday, 29 July 2011

Failure. Lots of failure.

I have failed to enter lots of competitions. Even a blog one by a fellow blogger that I was determined to enter. I have failed to keep to my timetable. I have failed to blog. I have failed to start the fiction part of my course and have pretty much failed to do any writing at all. And now it's the summer holidays. 6 weeks off with the kids - that's going to give me lots more time isn't it!!

Still, things can only go one way from here?! Here's to being more disciplined with the little time that I do have now - who knows, maybe it will work?

(On a positive note I am still gymming around 3 times a week and have successfully shifted a few pounds with a new detox regime, so it's not all fail, fail, fail round here. Although mainly it is.)


  1. I managed to enter some comps but failed failed failed with the gym !!

  2. Well done on the comps Jill.

    Between us we would have managed everything :-)