Wednesday, 26 January 2011

That difficult second blog post

Now I know how The Stone Roses felt.

So, a bit more info this time I think.  After realising that I have set the same new years resolutions for the past 5 years or so, I decided 2011 was the year to finally fulfil them.  Or forget them forever!

I have been completing a writing correspondence course for around, ahem, 7 years (I wonder if this is some kind of record) and I take occasionally part in a weekly online competition but that is the total sum of my endeavours.  I have given up my (part-time) job and plan to dedicate the time I've gained to writing.  I hope to finish the course, enter lots of competitions, write some short stories that I'm pleased with and then write a series of best selling novels which will be snapped up by HBO immediately. Of course the last one is a joke. I mean Warner Bros.

At the same time, I'm also going to hit the gym in a big way (pun very much intended) and so by the end of the year I will be a toned, fit & published writer.  OR I will be embracing the bulge, begging for my library job back and setting some very different resolutions for 2012!

I will be tracking my progress here.  I very much hope that there is progress to track. I am naturally very, very lazy.  I waste chunks of the day on facebook and am constantly fighting the urge to crash on the sofa with a huge plate of hummus and watch Come Dine with Me re-runs. Any hints, tips or encouragement would be very welcome.


  1. I wish you the very best of luck with your year off - giving up the day job and writing sounds like a dream come true! I'm afraid I can beat your 7 year correspondance course record - I started the Writers' Bureau Course in the 90s and it's still not finished. But I have earned my course fees back and more, so it owes me nothing. I look forward to seeing how you get on in 2011! Best wishes.

  2. Thanks Sally - I am very impressed that you have beaten my record. I am doing the same course, but sadly haven't come close to earning fees back yet - purely my own fault as I haven't been submitting much. I am following your blog now so hopefully can pick up some tips for success!
    Here's hoping 2011 is a good one for us all!