Friday, 28 January 2011

A shaky start

Technically this is week three of my new regime and I have had varying success so far.
For the first week I set a rigid timetable of writing/gymming/cleaning and stuck to it pretty well. I had to do a few admin type jobs; I moved all my Write Invite ( stories to the new laptop, I chose a competition to enter by checking which deadlines were looming (I decided on the Mslexia short story one based on the broad scope and whopping prize!) and pondered long and hard over starting this blog. I also managed to complete assignment 9 and then put it to the side for a few days as advised by my tutor  after my previous assignment was submitted with a some basic errors.

I decided to try a more relaxed approach in week two and planned that I would set out to write for 12 hours and gym 3 times.  This less rigid format which may work for a dedicated and hard-working individual was a disaster for me.  I didn't revisit assignment 9. I didn't start or even decide on a name for the blog.  I didn't manage 3 gym trips. I didn't decide on a short story for Mslexia and sadly missed this deadline. I did however update my facebook status a lot, played quite a few games of wordtwist and found out what the entire cast of Laguna Beach have done with their time since leaving the show.

Week three has proved a mixed bag - not as organised as the first week but a whole lot better than the second. I have sent in the completed and checked assignment and I have decided on my next competition. I have finally started this blog and managed to update it 3 out of 4 days. I have been to the gym twice so far and not just for coffee. I am going to go back to my rigid schedule for next week - I have realised that I need the discipline. I am also considering an internet ban for the mornings. Right after I check what the original kids from Fame are doing with themselves these days.......


  1. Mel, this is lovely, looks great! You are an inspiration! Rob x

  2. Ah thanks Rob - I look forward to reading yours soon!