Thursday, 22 September 2011

It struck me today how much my Dad would have loved twitter... actually punched me full in the chest. The thought struck, like many good thoughts, while I was cleaning the bath (this may go part way to explaining why our bath is still tie-died on the bottom half.)

Now the thought has lodged itself in my chest like a kettle crisp swallowed lengthways. He once text me from a ski-trip to tell me he was up a mountain drinking beer in the sun while I was at work, he phoned me from concerts at wembley and was the first person I knew to have a fax machine. Aside from my Grandmother, and that's another story.

Twitter would have been irresistible.

So I'll add twitter to the list - the latest addition joining iPads, booja booja ice cream, sky on the go and grandchildren. You miss so much Dad. We miss more.

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  1. This post brought a lump to my throat... I lost my dad when I was 9, so he & us missed an awful lot together.