Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Neglected Blog

Well, I haven't spent much time blogging lately. To be honest, I was boring myself a bit so I think I still need to dedicate some time to having a good look at other blogs and at my followers and try and decide what I want to do with this. I actually find that between emails, facebook & twitter, I barely have enough time for anything else.

Good points: I made the Grazia deadline so have now entered 3 competitions this year. I set myself the target of 10 so I have a little way to go considering I have about 6 weeks to go to the halfway point.
I have also finished the non-fiction section of my course with good comments from my tutor on my last assessment (planning a non-fiction book down to chapter summaries)
I am also back in the gym swing - Body Combat is my new favourite - I feel dangerous, I look ridiculous. But the music is great, so hey, who cares!

Bad points: Need to enter 6 more comps by end of year to hit target. Also need to sort blog out and find a rhythm with it. Still haven't entered a fiction assignment and I still am spending a lot of my designated 'writing' time doing admin.

Still, tomorrow is another day and I'm definitely a whole lot more 'writey' than I was a year ago. You can tell this just by looking at that last sentence #writey #sorrymum


  1. Hi Mel - Body Combat is my favourite too. I go on a Friday night & punch & kick all the stresses of the week away.

  2. It's amazing isn't it, Sally - I think it's the music. I thought spinning was hardcore until I tried this!!