Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Grazia Comp

Did any of you enter the Grazia/Orange competition?  They have just tweeted to say that they are whittling down the over 1000 entries to a shortlist of 13. I just managed to get mine entered in time and would like to come somewhere in this competition so much that it makes me a little breathless to think about it.  That must show some ambition, right?  I need to take that and use it to enter more things - have only entered 3 this year - very poor show.  Right, I'm off to work on the Bridport immediately.


  1. Hi Mel!

    Just received a newsletter from Sally Jenkins and she'd mentioned your blog so I thought I'd pop over and have a look!

    It's easy to be side tracked by day to day life and neglect our writing goals - I'm very guilty of it myself!

    Good luck with your writing competitions - and I hope your entry into the Grazia comp does indeed shine through!

    All the best

    Bev Morley

  2. Hello Bev - have just seen Sally's post and found you too!
    Side tracked doesn't seem to cover it - on the plus side I'm doing more this year than ever before on the minus, that really isn't saying much.
    Did you enter the Grazia one? Have just seen that they are announcing the winners and short list tom but as the winner attends the Orange Book awards the next day I am assuming they will have tipped them the wink already! Over 1000 entries apparently!
    See you at your blog soon x